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What is one thing your child and the porn industry have in common?
Your child's computer. If a computer is connected to the Internet, it has access to pornography. Most first-time exposures happen by accident - a misspelled search term, an incorrect Web address - in a moment your child's innocence can be lost. With Covenant Eyes, you can help keep your young children safe and supervise your teens as they use the Web without having to watch over their shoulders.

Internet Accountability & Internet Filtering
Internet filtering allows you to set limits on the types of content your children can access on the Web. Internet accountability software monitors how the Internet is used and sends a regular report to the person(s) you select.

It can happen so quickly; innocence is lost. You'll know about it with Covenant Eyes.

Internet Accountability

Covenant Eyes Accountability software protects you.

How it Works
When you install Covenant Eyes Accountability it begins to monitor all Internet activity. It doesn't block access to anything, but maintains a log of the sites you visit. It evaluates the sites content for questionable material. The log is sent each week to one or more accountability partners you designate. If you request the uninstall code, Covenant Eyes alerts your partners that you have removed it from your computer.

Internet Filtering

Covenant Eyes Internet Filtering protects kids.

How It Works
Covenant Eyes Internet filtering gives you the ability to set limits on Internet usage and access. You can set time limits for each person, block types of content or even block specific Web sites. Internet filtering is great for parents and businesses who want more control over how the Internet is used.

Free Trial

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One Month Free Trial
Try Covenant Eyes for 30 days free. If you are not satisfied with the results, peace of mind, and protection it offers, simply cancel your subscription.