Covenant Eyes Products

Internet Accountability
Download and install Covenant Eyes free trial. Invite people who care about you to be your accountability partners. They will receive a weekly report of your Internet activities. It's that simple. It is amazing how the temptation goes away when you know everything you do online will be monitored by someone else. Accountability is a good thing!

Internet Filtering
After you install the Covenent Eyes Internet Filtering free trial, set up accounts for your kids or employees. You determing how much Internet access they have by setting time limits, defining types of sites that are permitted and blocking sites you don't want them to access.


Alone No More

People don't wake up one morning and decide to destroy their marriages. It's a slow, gradual descent of choices that at the time, don't seem to be a big deal. If you are caught in the porn addiction trap - there is help. You're not alone. Start by bringing accountability to your life, then get professional help.

Free Trial

Get a one-month free trial of Covenant Eyes using the promo code 'onedegree'.

30 Day Free Trial
Try Covenant Eyes for one month free. If you are not satisfied with the results, peace of mind, and protection it offers, simply cancel your subscription.