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"My son first discovered Internet porn in the 4th grade while searching for information for a homework assignment. From then on and all through high school, we battled with its temptation together. Fortunately, we found Covenenat Eyes - it has been the primary reason for our success in winning the battle against porn." - M.J., Father

"I struggled with Internet porn through high school and into Bible College. I found a great group of guys like me who wanted to make sure our future lives and ministries were porn free - Covenant Eyes has been part of our strategy." - C.M., Pastor

"I am not unaware of how prolific the use of Internet porn is among men in our churches. We regularly meet in accountability groups and talk about the issues of life: that includes our sex lives. I requre all my staff and lay volunteers to have Covenant Eyes on their computers. I care too much about them to lose them porn." - M.D., Pastor

"My husband and teenage soon have both had issues with Internet pornography. It stopped when we installed Covenant Eyes on our computers. It can't be uninstalled unless I do it - I'm the only one with the password to the account. Covenent Eyes has brought a sense of peace and security to how we use the Internet." - C.S., Wife

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